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“Being speedy with multiplication saves time for all the other questions in maths tests”

1. Generate a FREE Worksheet in Seconds

1. Generate a FREE Worksheet in Seconds

Suitable for All
From 5 years, primary or secondary school. Levels and layouts for your ability, not age.

Turn up the heat!
Include division, squares and square roots.

From Beginner to Advanced.
Include Long Multiplication, decimals and big numbers too!
(optional extra)

2. Complete Your Worksheet

2. Complete Your Worksheet

Print or Download your PDF Worksheet.
Email, Share or Print your times table test.

Use our unique Guided Learning for each times table 1-12.

3. Speed-Check Answers

3. Speed Check Answers

Check a worksheet of 60 questions in just 30 seconds!

Advanced Worksheets have full “workings out” so you can spot that mistake carrying digits straight away. Amazing!

(Optional extra)

  • Save Time with Speed Answer Sheets
  • Guided Learning and Levels
  • Upper levels include Long Multiplication
  • For Schools, tutors, parents, carers & kids too!

Succeed in the Multiplication Tables Check, a “Key stage 2” Test taken in Year 4

Sample Speed Worksheet

Automatically generated for times tables 2-12

Sample Advanced Worksheet

Every worksheet is unique

Printable Times Table Grid
from 2 to 12

A filled or blank grid
free to print, copy or share

Printable Times Tables Chart

Free to print, copy or share

Get learning and hang one up!

Free or Rocket Learning?

Anyone can learn Times Tables, but can you learn this fast?

Free Worksheets

Up to 100 questions per sheet.

Easy to share or print PDF files.

Includes division, squares, square roots, addition & subtraction.

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Rocket Learning

Shockingly spectacular Advanced times table learning, glued together with some awesome maths.

Extra Features:-

* “Speed Check” Answer sheets.
(Now includes full “workings out” for long multiplication!)

* Unlimited worksheets (well, almost, there is a limit of 100 per day!)

* Advanced Worksheets – Long Multiplication Levels
– Missing Number Multiplication
– Big Multipliers (x10, x100, x 20)
– Decimal Multiplication

Just £11.88 for a year
* that’s 99p a month!

Rocket School

Revive your school’s times table learning with the Times Table Bug.

Print a set of “pupil specific” tables for the whole class in one go; or children can print their own to practice at home.

Save time in the classroom AND improve your schools maths outside the classroom.

Fast class set-up

Worksheets Headed with your Organisation Name

29p per child a year
(for an average primary school with 281 children**)

£79.99 a year – Register up to 600 children!

Not currently available for new members: Select our Amazing

Rocket Learning

  • Essential maths for primary schools
  • Suitable for KS1, KS2 or KS3
  • Get a head start for the 11+
  • Practice for the Year 4 Times Tables Test (multiplications tables check)

Personalised Worksheets

Multiplication skills at your pace, it’s not a race

Times Table Resources

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