100 Square

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  • Great for getting started with maths and counting on
  • Use a 100 Square for addition, subtraction and multiplication.
  • Also known as a 100 number grid , 1-100 square or number square
hundred Square

  • Learn to add or subtract numbers by marking the starting number and counting forward or backwards along the line. When you reach the end of a line, continue on at the start of the next.
  • Add or subtract numbers greater than 10 by moving down or up a row for each 10. Then count on the remaining number of units.
  • For multiplication, colour in a 100 square for all multiples of that table. Simply count on and colour in each square. (e.g. 5, 10, 15, 20 for the five times table). Visually understand how the times table looks and spot the pattern.
  • Start with the 2 tables table. You’ll also be identifying odd and even numbers!
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