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Multiplication (e.g. 7 x 8)
Division (Reserve operations) e.g. 56 ÷ 7
Square and Square root (7²)
Add and subtract (numbers to 20)
Number Bonds to 10
Number Bonds to 20
Fun colour-in bubble writing
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Why learn the Times Table Bug way?

Learn the multiplication tables inside out and upside down!

  • Increase speed in multiplication tests
  • FREE Times Tables worksheets with reverse operations (division is the reverse of multiply)
  • Apply new skills with Times Table Bug’s advanced long multiplication and worded questions.
  • Train with mixed operations (add, subtract, divide and multiply). Learn to switch quickly between different methods, just like in real school tests.
  • Brain Training with a daily dose of maths. Get your brain more organised with structured logical thinking. It’s widely believed that learning to solve maths questions will improve your general problem solving ability. (Using the facts available to get to a solution)
  • Times Table Games are another great way to learn, but remember to practice using a pencil and paper, like in school multiplication tests!